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Environment & Sustainability

Hotel Grand Chancellor properties throughout Australia and New Zealand recognise that our business will inevitably have an impact on the environment. We are committed to ensuring that we measure and evaluate our current practices, adopting the most effective policies to minimise our carbon footprint wherever possible.

This year our Hotels in Australia and New Zealand are working locally with their tourism quality rating schemes, AAA and Qualmark, to achieve an environmental rating. Already, Hotel Grand Chancellor Brisbane and Hotel Grand Chancellor Melbourne are proud to be recognised as Green STAR accredited hotels by AAA Tourism.

Some of the initiatives already adopted by our Hotels to ensure that we meet the environmental criteria from these organisations include:

  • Reduction in waste and energy
  • Minimisation of water levels and water control
  • Installation of energy efficient light bulbs
  • Centralised electronic control of guest room lighting and heating
  • Involvement of staff in environmental and sustainability practices
  • Recycling programmes including glass, plastics and paper
  • Working with suppliers that practice environmental responsibility
  • Disposing of chemicals and raw materials responsibly
  • Encouraging our guests to participate in our efforts by giving them the opportunity to make their own decisions in certain areas, e.g. frequency of bath-towel replacements, room being serviced etc..Click here to see how our guests can contribute when staying at a Hotel Grand Chancellor.
  • Group participation in global causes such as Earth Hour

Hotel Grand Chancellor Melbourne has recently earned Green Star accreditation for its focus on:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Waste minimisation and management
  • Water minimisation
  • Guest education

James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor is committed to environmental and social sustainability. We currently hold Silver Earthcheck Certification from EC3 Global and Enviro-Silver Accreditation from Qualmark. Our main aims of the programmes are:

  • To achieve sound environmental practices across our entire operation
  • To minimise the amount of waste generated by re-using materials and recycling
  • To ensure all new products or materials used around the hotel are natural based wherever possible.
  • Give preference to goods and services produced locally and with minimal environmental impact.

To read more about our sustainability policy and practices click here.

Hotel Grand Chancellor Brisbane has been Green STAR Accredited and implements the following practices:

  • SAVE WATER - 5 star water saving fixtures have been installed in all rooms. Extra ways to minimise water consumption can be through limiting your shower times and not leaving taps running unnecessarily.
  • NO SMOKING - To ensure a quality environment for all guests, please respect our non-smoking policy. Smoking is permitted in the courtyard on the ground floor.
  • LIGHTS - Energy efficient light bulbs are currently used throughout the hotel. To assist us even further, please turn off the lights & television when exiting your room.
  • LINEN - We make your bed every day and change your sheets every second day. If you are staying with us for more than 2 nights and do not wish for your sheets to be changed, please contact housekeeping.
  • TOWELS - If you are happy to re-use your towels, please place them on the rack to dry. If you would like us to change the towels, please leave them in the shower/bathtub.

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